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Omdat de projecten zowel in NYC als Amsterdam plaatsvinden is deze pagina Engelstalig. 

The Job Swap Amsterdam – New York
September 2025

The Job Swap is set to become one of the pivotal 2025 commemorative events in both NYC and Amsterdam. Appr. 30 Citizens of all backgrounds, from garbage collectors in Central Park or Vondelpark to the Mayor, and from waitresses to celebrity architects, will engage in a trans-Atlantic job swap. Participants will share their experiences through blogs and other media events. The Job Swap is a concentrated effort in September 2025. The appr. 15 Dutch Job-swappers will work for 5 days in NYC early September, the New Yorkers come to Amsterdam late September. 


2025 will witness a unique test of transatlantic relations. A Secretary in New York will be speaking Dutch again and New York fire fighters will apply their renowned skills in Amsterdam. Both cities’ mayors will temporarily switch jobs and so will park rangers, barkeepers, refugees and librarians. Participating job swappers will stay with the families of their counterparts, which turns the experience into a true cultural exchange. Throughout the exchange, participants will be closely followed by  local, regional and national media (e.g, NY1, AT5, SBS6, de Volkskrant, New York Times).

We organized a very successful JobSwap in 2009 during the Henry Hudson 400-celebrations; you can read the report (in Dutch) here. 

This in an invitation to join, mail us at tetterman@gmail.com!

Click on the photo for the story (in Dutch) of 2 farmers JobSwapping in 2009

Origins – Light on New Yorks Founders
2024 – 2025

Starting in 2024, visual artists will be commissioned  to create artistic interpretations of New York’s founder in a variety of visual art forms: video, animation, projection, hologram, light sculpture, painting, documentaries or performance.
The goal is for the lives and legacies of 16 men and women who founded NYC,
in their artistic interpretation, to inspire us 21st century city-dwellers. 
This in an invitation to join Origins, mail us at tetterman@gmail.com!


United We Stand – Een Draght Mackt Maght

The Burough of Brooklyn’s Seal is designed in 17th century Dutch: ‘Een Draght Mackt Maght’, or ‘United we Stand’ and ‘E pluribus Unum’ in the ‘Great Seal of the United States’.  
In those days people knew that only together progress can be accomplished. 

Today we face disunity internally on both sides of the Atlantic, and between Europe, the USA, China and other countries.  In view of the many  major global challenges  this multidisciplinary art-project highlights unity and common good, offering a bridge between the international forest of bubbels. We ask dancers, designers, writers, painters, filmmakers and other artist to come up with ideas that inspire the world to come together. 

This is an invitation to join United we Stand – mail us at tetterman@gmail.com



“The Amsterdam 750 expedition (Amsterdam 2019 – 2020)

With the Amsterdam City Archives and Shipping Company “De Nederlanden” we organized a chain of exiting 4-hour expeditions :
– a historic vessel sailed for 2,5 hours along Amsterdam’s canals, where a spirited guide told 11 stories about the cities’ 750-year history on the spots where it happened. How Amsterdam, and later New Amsterdam/NYC, became such highly successful, diverse and progressive cities. 
– a visit to the treasure vault of the Amsterdam City Archives.

The chain of expeditions was interrupted by Corona – but we’ll pick up where we left off pretty soon. 


Halve Maen in Middelburg, where Leo Balai spoke about enslaved people, and Gert Tetteroo about tolerance and diversity in the Dutch Republic
The ship in Rotterdam next to the Maritime Museum, and former Prime-Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende who reflected during the closing-ceremony (October 30th, Maritime Museum Rotterdam) on entrepreneurial spirit in the 21st century.

Halve Maen on Tour (The Netherlands, October 2016)

In October 2016 ‘Halve Maen’, the replica of Henry Hudson’s famous ship, went on a fifteen-day tour along 6 major cities in The Netherlands to tell the forgotten history of Hudson, the Dutch Republic and New York. A highly successful project by the Westfries Museum and Henry Hudson 500.
Download the program

Our Foundation worked out a special program (including fundraising)  for the ship’s visit to Sail 2015 Amsterdam, the world’s biggest nautical festival. (in partnership with the Westfries Museum in Hoorn). 

Waterconference H209 Forum New York 2013

Talkshow with US Secretary Donovan, Dutch Minister Schultz van Haegen, Tracy Metz and Adam Freed.
Director Gert Tetteroo opens H209 Forum with the life story of Asscher Levy, one of the fiercest New Amsterdammers.

Water Conference “H209 Forum, Water Challenges for Coastal Cities” (NY and NJ, September 2013)

The 2nd edition of this highly successful US Dutch conference with over 325 top delegates. Water Challenges for Coastal Cities, or how to make New York, New Jersey and the Netherlands safe and resilient, was the main theme of H209 Forum. Honorary Chairs and opening speakers were Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, and Shaun Donovan, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
Day 1, Sept 9, was a dynamic plenary day at the Museum of Jewish Heritage downtown Manhattan. Day 2, Sept 10, was a day with shirt-sleeve sessions at Columbia University and field-trips to various sites in New York and New Jersey. 
One of our most successful and spirited projects ever. 
Download the Conference Book with program and background articles here.


Aziz Bekkaoui and GertTetteroo on Dutch national TV with Tante Es
An avant-garde project inspirered by Aziz Bekkaoui

Colors of Milk, A Fresh Look at The Netherlands” (The Netherlands, 2011 – 2013)

Inspired by designer/artist Aziz Bekkaoui (photo), Melkkleuren or “Colors of Milk”  explored the shared agricultural roots of Dutch and other cultures. With plays, videos, concerts, a book, and a newspaper in the tradition of Andy Warhol’s Interview, Aziz and his group of artists, writers and performers offered a fresh look at the state of the Netherlands in the 21st century. Performances in Amsterdam, Dordrecht,  Rotterdam, Utrecht, on farms and many other places. Avant garde, way ahead of its time.

Your can read the Newspaper (Melkpers) here, and the Milk Novel (Melkroman) by poet Mustafa Stitou here and writer Tijs Goldschmidt here.

Projects in 2009

2009 was the 400-year anniversary of Henry Hudson dropping anchor near Manhatten.  From the ship’s log, September 11, 1609: then we anchored and saw it was a very fine harbour for all winds’. The Henry Hudson 400 Foundation, then organized in both Amsterdam and New York,  produced several major events and has also inspired many groups to plan exhibitions and programs. Our foundation celebrated the venerable bonds between our two countries and our mutual passion for trade, freedom and diversity.

The JOBSWAP was one of the pivotal 2009 commemorative events in both NYC and Amsterdam. Appr. 30 Citizens of all backgrounds, from garbage collectors in Central Park to librarians and bartenders engaged in a trans-Atlantic job swap. Participants shared their experiences through blogs and other media events. Click on the photo for the final report (in Dutch)
Waterconference H209 Forum, with 600 delegates at the Liberty Science Center and a sold-out Gala Diner ‘Hoopla on the Hudson’ at South Street Seaport. Click on the photo for the final report
The Welcoming Committee of Galadinner 'Hoopla on the Hudson, Sept. 9 2009, with Prince Willem Alexander, Princess Maxima, organizer Gert Tetteroo, Aziz Bekkaoui, Patrick Poelmann, Ahmed Aboutaleb, Frank Heemskerk, Cees Veerman, Angela Haines and many more distinguished guests. Click on the photo for the Gala Invitation.
“The New Amsterdam Trail”, a historic walking tour through downtown Manhattan. Click on the photo to download this walking tour.
“1609, The Forgotten History of Hudson, Amsterdam and New York” , a commemorative volume by Russell Shorto and Geert Mak (two editions, 400,000 printed copies). Click on the photo to download this volume in Dutch (English version downloadable at 'English' page of the website)
“The Glory of Dutch Bulbs”, an amazing exhibition of flowers at the New York Botanical Garden (inaugaurated by a concert with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra).
Book by Martine Gosselink on the Dutch roots of NYC. Click on the photo for our 2009 Heritage Program - in partnership with Martine Gosselink, Dutch National Archives and the South Street Seaport Museum
“The Island at the Center of the World”, an exhibition with the rarest documents, maps and watercolors of 17th century New Amsterdam and New York (including the above ‘Blue Vingboons’). Click on the photo for the 2009 VIP invite
With Jan te Siep, Kiek van den Biessen en Cor van Zadelhoff we managed to transport 16 Dutch traditional Sailing Vessels to NYC. For 3 weeks the Hudson was Dutch again!
Diary of our Founding Director Gert Tetteroo in 'Het Financieel Dagblad'. Click on the photo for a better reading experience.
Article in 'Het Parool' on Henry Hudson 400. The video next to this article is a soundrecording of the Townhall Meeting in Amsterdam's Westerkerk with Geert Mak and Russel Shorto on April 4, 2009. Organized by the John Adams Institute and HH 400.