Henry Hudson 500 Foundation

Projecten 2010-2023

The Amsterdam 750 expedition (Amsterdam 2019-2025)

With the Amsterdam City Archives and Shipping Company “De Nederlanden” we worked out an exiting 4-hour program:
– a historic expedition of 2,5 hours along the canals,  on a traditional barge,
where a spirited guide tells 11 stories about Amsterdam’s 750-year history on the spots where it happened.
How did Amsterdam, and later New Amsterdam/NYC  become such a highly successful, diverse and progressive city?
– a visit to the treasure vault of the Amsterdam City Archives.
After 4 exciting hours you’re an Amsterdam expert! Click here to join the Amsterdam 750 expedition.
Update October 18, 2020: Due to Covid 19 the ‘Amsterdam 750 Expedition’ will note take place under further notice.
Let’s hope it’s possible to sail again soon!

Origins, Light on New York’s Founders” (NY, The Netherlands and on-line,  2021 – 2025)

“Origins, Light on New York’s Founders” (NY, The Netherlands and on-line,  2021 – 2025)

Starting in 2021, each year two visual artists will be commissioned  to create artistic interpretations of New York’s founders in a variety of visual art forms: video, animation, projection, hologram, light sculpture, painting, documentaries or performance.
The goal is for the lives and legacies of 16 men and women who founded NYC,
in their artistic interpretation, to inspire us 21st century city-dwellers. (click here to go to the Origins website)

Halve Maen on Tour (The Netherlands, October 2016)

In October 2016 ‘Halve Maen’, the replica of Henry Hudson’s famous ship,
went on a fifteen-day tour along 6 major cities in The Netherlands to tell the forgotten history of Hudson,
the Dutch Republic and New York. A highly successful project by the Westfries Museum and Henry Hudson 500.