Origins – Light on New York’s Founders
Downtown Manhattan (NYC) Amsterdam and on-line, 2020 – 2025.

Starting in 2020,  each year two visual artists will be commissioned  to create artistic interpretations of New York’s founders in a variety of visual art forms: video, animation, projection, hologram, light sculpture, painting or performance. The goal is for the lives and legacies of 16 men and women who founded NYC, in their artistic interpretation, to inspire us 21st century city-dwellers Click here to go to the Origins website.

New Amsterdam around 1660

You will meet some of the earliest settlers of Manhattan Island who will return as holograms, animations, in paintings and documentaries. .Through these life stories we celebrate New York, originally New Amsterdam, as the amazing city of opportunity: Free, Inclusive, and Entrepreneurial.

Some of the Founders who will return to Manhattan as projections and holograms  in 2020:

Native Americans – the first settlers of ‘Manahatta’

Henry Hudson – (England) who dropped anchor in NY Harbor early September 1609

Jan Rodrigues – (Dominican Republic) New York’s first non-native American settler

Asser Levy – (Poland or Germany) Jewish activist and a successful mediator

Catalina Tricot – (France) Great-grandmother of over 1,000,000 Americans, with her Walloon husband Joris Rapalje

Manuel– (West coast of Africa) survivor of a public hanging, one of the first freed slaves in New York and farmer on what is now Washington Square

Adriaen Van der Donck – (Dutch Republic) lawyer, landowner and activist, whose nickname ‘Jonker’ lives on in the name of the city Yonkers

Griet Reyniers – (Dutch Republic) New York’s first famous prostitute

Peter Stuyvesant – (Dutch Republic) New Amsterdam’s one-legged, powerful (and last) Governor.

Margarita van Varick – (Dutch Republic) a 17th century businesswoman.

Jacob Leisler – (Germany) an influential business- and political figure.

Origins is intended to go beyond educational programming and be an artistic, mesmerizing piece.

Copyright Henry Hudson 500 Foundation, Amsterdam.